Monday, February 19, 2007

Abdel Karim's family disowns him

Sandmonkey blogged Abdel Karim

Imprisoned Egyptian blogger who wrote that has stated that he believes women and men should be treated equally; that Islamic extremism is gravely hurting Arab society; and that freedom of expression is a fundamental human right.
father announced today that he is disowning Abdel Karim, and that he would like to see Sharia Law applied to his son, in which he would have 3 days to repent at the end of which if he is not repentent, he would be killed.
Mothers are happy to see their children become suicide bombers, and here a father is asking that his son be killed for rejecting Islam. With this sort of support from one's own family, is it such a surprise that some Muslims embrace Islamoterrorism?
The Father also announced that he intends to disown his son publically in court- accompanied by his Koran-memorizing 4 other children- the day of the verdict in order to "lift the pressure" that the civil society and human rights organization maybe imposing on the Court. He also called the Human Rights organizations who are fighting for his son's freedom "Chimps Rights Organizations" since "they are defending a Chimp like AbdelKarim"
As far as I know, his son just criticized Islam, he did not renounce it and embrace Judiasm, and it is the Jews that the Qur'an said became apes (Sura 7:166
who is emulating the west in "their thinking and opinions". Nice, eh?

Update: He was sentenced to 4 years in prison

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