Monday, September 04, 2006

Target rewriting history

Betsy' Newmark blogged Oh, dear - more history lessons needed

Poor Target - they really need some remedial history lessons. Take a look at their Franklin Roosevelt doll. Franklin's out of his wheelchair and wearing the bifocals that he invented right after he responded to the day of infamy. Probably ready to charm the ladies and the French while he's at it.

Next will be the brave Lincoln Chafee doll that kept our country together during the Civil War. Or, as one commenter suggested, the Napoleon Dynamite doll that conquered Europe. Or that feisty Harry Reid doll that dropped the atomic bomb on Japan. And the William Clinton doll that built the Erie Canal. Perhaps, the Martin Luther King doll that reformed the Catholic Church. And who wouldn't want the Tom Daschle doll that wrote the stirring words of the Declaration of Independence. The marketing possibilities are practically endless.

Enjoy the comments at the Target site. Their customers are having some good fun. Their catalog programmer is obviously not a history major. Hat tip to Amy Wellborn- read the comments there, too.

As George Santayana said "those who do not remember history are bound to repeat it." But it appears that those that don't know history, are likely to confuse details.

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