Monday, July 03, 2006

Lieberman Will Petition

Hartford Courant reported Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman announced today he will petition for a place on the November ballot as an "independent Democrat," giving him a chance to stay alive politically should he lose an Aug. 8 primary for the Democratic nomination.

The rabid left wing blogosphere are very happy about this, and they will be pushing even more for the Dems to dump the man that just six years ago was their nominee for Vice President.
Lieberman, 64, a three-term senator whose outspoken support of the war in Iraq has brought months of grief and inspired a strong primary challenge from Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont, announced his decision this afternoon at a brief press conference at the State Capitol. "I've been a proud, loyal and progressive Democrat since John F. Kennedy inspired my generation of Americans into public service and I will stay a Democrat, whether I am the Democraitic party's nominee or a petitioning Democratic candidate on the November ballot," Lieberman said. He added that he would, even if re-elected as a petitioning candidate, remain a member of the Senate Democratic Caucus.
It is probably smart for him to say that now, but if the Democrats do dump him, and force him to run as an Independent, I hope he will be smart enough to actually caucus with the Republicans once he is elected.

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