Friday, July 07, 2006

Appeasing jihadists

Diana West editorialized in The Washington Times Just in time for the one-year anniversary of 7/7, a poll conducted for The Times of London indicates that 13 percent of British Muslims believe that the four Islamic suicide bombers who murdered 52 people in London last July should be regarded as "martyrs." With a Muslim population in Britain estimated at 1.6 million, this means that some 208,000 British Muslims regard these killers with what can only be described as a worshipful attitude, which is despicable.

And it is also an indication that Britain has another 208,000 potential bombers.
But Mother England, it seems, is home to an awful lot of despicable people.

One of them, surely, is Anjem Choudary, who made related news this week. Mr. Choudary is a former leader of al-Mujahiroun, a defunct, jihad-inciting group, whose venomous pronouncements on Islamic supremacy have earned him a strange prominence in the British media. He refuses to condemn the 7/7 attacks, says Muslims shouldn't help police combat jihad terror
Then the police should not go out of their way to protect Muslims if there is another bombing.
and advocates sharia (Islamic law) for Britain.
Hopefully the British will have some say in that.
During a BBC "Newsnight" appearance this year, the host asked Mr. Choudary why he didn't simply move to a sharia state like Iran.
Because he does not want to really live under Sharia law, he just wants to say that.
"Who says you own Britain, anyway?" Mr. Choudary replied. "Britain belongs to Allah. The whole world belongs to Allah ... If I go to the jungle, I'm not going to live like the animals,
You would probably say the animals should convert to Islam, but in reality it is the Radical Muslims that are acting like animals.
I'm going to propagate a superior way of life. Islam is a superior way of life."
Compared to what?????

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