Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What's wrong with RomneyCare

Brendan Miniter wrote in OpinionJournal "We insist that everybody who drives a car has insurance. And cars are a lot less expensive than people."--Gov. Mitt Romney

True, but the only insurance you must carry on your car is liability insurance, You dont have to carry insurance to fix your car. Can people in MA just carry insurance to cover the liability of hurting someone else with your health problems?
.... If there is one redeeming value to his approach, it is that it starts with the presumption that even the poor should pay something for their health care.
That is a valid point. If they have to pay something, they may think twice about asking for treatment they dont really need.
That's not a trivial point. Today many uninsured patients skip out on their bills and leave their health-care tabs for everyone else to pay in the form of bigger hospital bills and higher taxes.... Otherwise, as he told me, it's like shopping in a grocery store that doesn't have any price tags and where you don't have to pay the bill at the checkout counter. Requiring consumers to pay at least part of the bill is essential to striking a reasonable balance between consumption and total cost. That means copayments for drugs and doctor visits, deductibles, or other fees.
Health insurers are prohibited from offering coverage that pays for only catastrophic events, such as a serious injury or heart attack. Rules vary by state, but in most places insurers are forced to cover everything from routine checkups to chiropractic care. Remove these mandates, allow deductibles and "copays" to be raised high enough, and in an instant the price for some health plans would fall to about that of dinner out and a movie for two.
And that is precisely what should be done.

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