Sunday, April 09, 2006

Muslim Prisoner Demands Oxen, Camel

LGF blogged The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court says that prisons should serve special meals to Muslim criminals—meals including oxen and camel: State hasn’t justified withholding Muslim feast-day meats.

The state’s highest court has ruled that the state prison system has failed to justify denying a Muslim inmate special feast-day meats, such as oxen and camel. In a unanimous ruling Friday, the Supreme Judicial Court said officials at Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center had failed to show why providing the proper meats to Rashad Rasheed on certain holidays was a burden.
Do they have to let Christian convicts hunt Easter Eggs, and do they give them all presents on Christmas, and let them have alcohol on New Year's eve? Do the Jewish prisoners get Mennorahs to light for Hanukkah?

These guys are in prison because they broke the law. Has that fact somehow escaped the notice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court


The Neurocentric said...

This is stupid. Are you sure this isn't someone pulling your leg? The most exotic meat I ever have is mutton - and if I can't get halal or kosher meat I go vegetarian. I cannot believe this is genuine. I have never heard anything like it.

Don Singleton said...

Prisoners often make ridiculous requests of prison administration; there is not a lot else they can do. The stupidity is that the court may honor their request.