Friday, April 14, 2006

Progressives, Diversity, and the Gospel of Judas

csmonitor Across the country, observers say, the Gospel of Judas is striking a chord with progressive Christians.
Progressive is the new word that liberals are using, since none of them want to be called Liberals. They are also primarilly Secular Humanists, so it is interesting that rather than just trying to suppress Christianity, they are now favoring this heresy.
Not so much for its heretical theology, but as an ancient symbol of their modern mission to update what defines faithfulness.
Betrayal for money. Yes it sounds like something that Liberals/Progressives would identify with as a definition of faithfulness.
.... Modern theologians attracted to the Judas gospel are reminding today's dissenters that they follow a long, legitimate tradition. At last week's press conference, four academics used either "diverse" or "diversity" to describe what the text reveals about the beliefs and attitudes of the early church.
Ah yes. Diversity. Another buzz word used to support tearing down our country.
If the church was so varied in its early days, they suggest, then contemporary Christians can perhaps accept the growing diversity of beliefs and lifestyles in their religious communities as well.

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