Monday, April 10, 2006

Brutal Murder of Nine-Year-Old Daughter in Makkah

Arab News reported A man and his wife are being held by Makkah authorities in connection with the fatal stabbing of his nine-year-old daughter. Local newspapers reported the murder a few days ago and said that the father will record his confession in court. According to initial police reports he will tell the court that he did not intend to kill his daughter but only to discipline her.

This may come as a surprise to some Muslims, but a knife is not normally used in disciplining a nine year old daughter (or anyone else).
However, according to Arab News sources, the coroner found signs of severe physical abuse and stab wounds on the girl’s body....Family members close to the girl’s biological mother say that the mother and the father divorced a long time ago after she suffered physical abuse at his hands. She kept custody of the girl in accordance with Islamic law until the girl turned seven. The father then began demanding custody of the girl, especially after his ex-wife had remarried. The father won custody last year
Isn't Sharia Law wonderful.
...Sources told Arab News that after stabbing his daughter and realizing that she might have died, he and his wife washed her blood with Clorox
He must have been watching CSI on TV.
and took her to the hospital where he told the emergency personnel that he doesn’t know what is wrong with her. When they examined her, they found she was already dead and that she had suffered multiple fractions and stabs.
So I guess they figured out pretty quick what was wrong with her.

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