Saturday, April 15, 2006

Church play poster banned from library to avoid offence

Telegraph reported A Christian group has been forbidden from advertising its Easter passion play in a public library to avoid offending other religious groups.

Sounds typical, doesn't it. But the interesting thing is that a group of Iranians wanted to put on the play.
Iranian members of the Methodist Church are furious over the council ban, which prevents them displaying posters... English-born Elizabeth Collins, 44, a Bible teacher with the group, said: "This is supposed to be a Christian country, we can't believe it.
Believe it. Britain and the US are both Christian countries, but people feel it is fine to discriminate against Christians, and to make fun of their faith. But the would not dream of doing it to Muslims. That is because Christ preached Peace and Love, and they are afraid the Muslims will riot, kill, and burn down buildings.
"We go to other countries to promote democracy and free-thinking yet on our own doorstep we cannot even put up a poster about our Easter passion play. "This is ludicrous and so petty. We have already taken religion out of our schools and now it is being taken out of public places as well."... "One of our members wanted to put up a poster about the play in the library but officials kept it for a few days then came back and said it could not be displayed because it might cause offence to other people. "We can only imagine they mean other religions. The poster just has a cross on it with the date, time and place of the performance and says Iranian Christian Drama. What offence can that cause to anyone?"
Good question
"What has it come to when you cannot display a Christian poster for fear of upsetting somebody else in a Christian country? "If I had gone to Iran with a poster under my arm and tried to place it in a library there I would probably have come out without a head on my shoulders."

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