Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Arguments Against Striking Iran

Hugh Hewitt: blogged After conversations yesterday with Jonathan Alter on my program, and Lawrence Korb, Peter Brooks and me on Kudlow & Company, I noticed the similarities between Alter's and Korb's objections to any military action against Iran. Although there is no transcript availbale yet of the Kudlow & Company exchange, I'll see if Radioblogger can add that to his transcript of Alter's appearance.

Here are the key objections:

1. The United States military cannot accomplish the mission.

You underestimate the United States military. Maybe with a weasel like Clinton as Commander in Chief, but not with GWB as CinC
2.Striking Iran will cause Iran to strike against our troops in Iraq.
That would give us an excellent opportunity to wipe out their military, and even more importantly, the mullahs that command them.
3. An attack on Iran will unleash Iranian-sponosred terrorism around the world.
Same as #2.
4. America's position in the world will crumble if we attack Iran.
It can't crumble much more, and in fact it could well increase our position in the world.
5. There are other ways of deterring Iran's nuclear program.
Name one.

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