Monday, April 10, 2006

New regulations for immigrants?

Danny Carlton blogged The following has been proposed as a reasonable method of managing not only illegal immigration but legal immigrants. See how many you agree with, and how many you'd be comfortable with being imposed...

  • Foreigners may not in any way participate in the political affairs of the country. This ban applies, among other things, to participation in demonstrations and the expression of opinions in public about domestic politics.
  • Equal employment rights are denied to immigrants, even legal ones, even those with green cards.
  • Only citizens may serve in the military as officers, on airline crews , and chiefs of seaports and airports.
  • Members of both houses of Congress as well as the Supreme Court must be a citizen by birth.
  • Immigrants — even legal ones — may not become members of the clergy.
  • Foreigners, legal or illegal, may not own land.
  • Any citizen may arrest illegal immigrants and their accomplices, turning them over without delay to the nearest authorities.
  • Foreigners, legal or otherwise, may be expelled for any reason and without due process.
Sounds pretty radical doesn't it. Surely the people waving the Mexican flag at that last protest would have a cow if such were the law, wouldn't they.

Except it is the Mexico!

It would be interesting to see what people would say if we proposed laws like that here.

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Truckymedic said...

Why, that would be un-American! Umm, lets' see, abuse of right to free speech, how are we going to get the foreigners to sell back the land they already own (except they own practically all of Hawaii), et. al. If the US weren't so damn nice...