Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Islamists Post Hit List of 'Apostates'

The Jawa Report blogged An Egyptian group calling itself the "al-Jama’ah Consultative Council" has sent an e-mail hit list to people deemed 'apostates' yesterday. The group warned that those people on the list who had left the faith would have three days (as of yesterday) to repent or they would be killed. The group also warned that the wives and children of the Muslim apostates were being followed & would be killed.

That is interesting. They are saying they will kill the innocent. Is that supported in the Quran?
Under Islamic Law, the maximum penalty for apostasy is death.
Even though it does not say so in the Quran
The list includes prominent Muslims living in the West who have spoken out against violent Islamic extremism and intolerance,
So they are still Muslims; they have just spoken out against violent Islamic extremism and intolerance, and Surat an-Nisa,093 (Quran 4.93) says "If a man kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell, to abide therein (For ever): And the wrath and the curse of Allah are upon him, and a dreadful penalty is prepared for him."
some still living in Muslim countries, as well as Coptic Christians who have advocated equal treatment in Egypt.
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Copts United blogged the Prophet said, "Kill whoever changes his religion."
Where did the Prophet say that? It is not in the Quran. It is only in Hadith, which was written more than 150 years after his death.
We are fully aware of their hiding places, their houses, their children’s schools,
They are threatening Children's Schools now? And they are from the Religion of Peace???
and the times when their wives are alone at home. We gave our rules to the soldiers of God to execute the rule of God so that their blood can become close to God [to kill them] and burn their houses. And we thank God that many of those infidels and atheists do not exist in the land of Islam,
Many of them live in Egypt, and some in Jordan
so that they do not defile the Islamic land with their rotten blood.
The Islamic land is being defiled, but it is by nutcases like these.
They are in the land of infidelity, the land of idols, pagans, and Cross worshippers: in America, Canada, Switzerland, and Italy.
Have you seen any idols around here? I have not, and very few pagans. There are a lot of Christians (Cross worshipers) but Surat al-Ma'ida, 82 (Qur'an 5:82) says "You will find the people most affectionate to those who believe are those who say, 'We are Christians.' That is because some of them are priests and monks and because they are not arrogant."
If they existed on a spot in the Islamic land, let us wash the places of their slaughter and beheading seven times
Once is enough. Are they going to glue the heads back on to do it six more times?
to purify the Islamic land of the impurity of their blood.
How do you purify land using impure blood?
And let us captivate their women and enslave their children loot them. Let us apply the Islamic rule to them; and whoever kills one of them, will get his loot.
Aha. This is the real answer. They just want to kill people and steal their belongings.
Clarity and Resolve blogged More on the story about peaceful religionists threatening Arab intellectuals who criticize Islam: I just received an email from an Egyptian Copt friend of mine, who shall remain anonymous.... But hey—maybe I'm being islamophobic.
You are not being paranoid if they really are out to get you.
I mean, this stuff happens all the time to those who criticize Christianity, just like Jesus told his followers to do. Right?
Not as far as I know.
Wake up, infidels. This is the reality of sharia, and it is utter folly to think for one moment that its authority is at all dissipated once it comes across the borders of the dar al-Kufr.

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