Thursday, April 09, 2009

Navy Tracking Pirates and Their U.S. Hostage reported A U.S. Navy destroyer kept close watch Thursday on a lifeboat holding four Somali pirates and their hostage — an American ship captain — one day after the pirates briefly seized a United States-flagged cargo ship off the coast of Africa. As Washington awoke to a second day of the crisis, the Navy summoned the FBI for advice on how to rescue the hostage, Capt. Richard Phillips, of Underhill, Vermont.
Doesn't the Navy, with a great big destroyer, know how to deal with a little lifeboat? You point guns at it and say surrender or you will be shot. You want to protect the life of the hostage, but if the lifeboat eludes you, his life is definitely at risk. If you must, you can promise to just hang the leader, and let the rest spend time in prison, rather than hanging all of them, as you should do.

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