Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bill Clinton to Name Donors as Part of Obama Deal reported Former President Bill Clinton has agreed to disclose publicly the names of more than 200,000 donors to his foundation as part of an accord with President-elect Barack Obama that clears the way for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to become secretary of state, Democrats close to both sides said on Saturday.
It's about time. What do we have to do to find out the details of Obama's donors; wait until a futuree president appoints him or Michelle to some post?
... The disclosure of contributors is among nine conditions that Mr. Clinton signed off on during discussions with representatives of Mr. Obama; all go beyond the requirements of law. Among other issues, he agreed to incorporate his Clinton Global Initiative separately from his foundation so that he has less direct involvement.
Why? What is needed is visibility on finances, not separation of his involvement.
The initiative, which promotes efforts to fight disease, poverty and climate change, would no longer hold annual meetings outside of the United States
Any conference on climate change should be in Cyberspace so no one has to travel. Conferences on disease and poverty should be held where the problem is.
or accept new contributions from foreign governments.
The important thing is not the source of the money, but publically revealing the source and amount.
Mr. Clinton also agreed to submit his future personal speeches and business activities for review by State Department ethics officials and, if necessary, by the White House counsel’s office.
I don't see why that should be necessary.

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