Tuesday, May 06, 2008

TV License

LGF showed this clip from BBC to show they know where everyone is

This made me aware of something I never knew. In socialist Great Britian it appears everyone with a TV (or digital box, DVD or video recorder, PC, laptop or mobile phone to watch or record television programmes as they're being shown on TV) must have a TV License costing £139.50 for a color set, and £47.00 for black and white. If you have a second home, and it has a tv, you need a second license. If you are blind they only charge you 1/2, and if you are over 75 you can get a free license. If you are 74 they will prorate the license for the number of months until you are 75.

If you prove you are blind, or severely sight impaired you don't have to prove that every year, but you must still renew your license each year. Once you are over 75 the license is free, but you still have to renew it every three years.

I guess they want to encourage people to keep the old folk at home, rather than sending them to a nursing home, because If you're aged 75 or over, you are entitled to a free over 75 TV License for your home, even if you live with younger relatives or friends. And you better stay home. Your free over 75 TV Licence covers your main home address only. If you regularly stay elsewhere, say in a holiday home, this address will not be covered. You will need to apply for a separate TV Licence at the full fee to cover this and any other properties.

Ain't socialism wonderful.

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