Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Mike blogged Rep. Richard Morrissette today called on House leaders to appoint a bipartisan committee with subpoena power to investigate allegations of mismanagement at the Department of Human Services.

Monday, February 18 Rep. Morrissette urged legislators to break up the state Department of Human Services. On Thursday, February 21 the House Human Services Committee approved Rep. Susan Winchester's bill authorizing an independent performance audit of services provided by the state's child welfare agency to children who have been abused or neglected. Monday, March 03 Rep. Ron Peters said an independent audit of the Department of Human Services is needed before other efforts to reorganize such a vital agency are considered. Tuesday, March 04 the House voted 91-8 today to order a thorough review of the Human Services Division of the Department of Human Services via an independent performance audit.

They are focusing on the CPS side of OKDHS. My beef is with the Adult Protective Services side of the agency. I blogged about this earlier, both here and here. It was covered by Tulsa Today.

I ran out of email addresses for the OKDHS Bureaucracy, but I did not let that stop me. I snail mailed this letter to Howard H Hendrick - Director of Human Services (Cabinet Secretary) and Richard L.DeVaughn - Chairman Oklahoma Commission for Human Services.


lb said...

You are correct IMO to question the whole situation with APS -- AMHIK. What I'd like to know is why you are so saavy about them? Is it pure instinct because of CPS's sometimes misuse/abuse of power or have you heard other things directly about APS?
My sister was "saved by APS" -- which used up almost all her assets in the whole year long process. According to an OKC police captain, you DO NOT have to open your door to them unless they come with a search warrant or arrest warrant and bring a policeman and after what my family endured, I'd rather try fending off/controlling an exploitive child than giving myself over to them any day of the week. Elaine

Don Singleton said...

I was offended by something the Adult Protective Services side of OKDHS did to me, and then would not reveal why, even though State Law said they could, so I began collecting as many complaints as I could hear about both APS and CPS, and taking them as high as I could in the bureaucracy.