Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Nuke British Infidels

The Sun reported A fanatical
Fanatical means "marked by excessive, or irrational, enthusiasm for and intense devotion to a cause or idea". This guy is certainly extreme by Western standards, but everything he says can be traced directly back to the Qur'an (Holy Book), Hadith (traditions of the Prophet Muhammad), Tafsir (commentary on the Qur'an), and Sira (biographies of Muhammad. People need to realize that fact, and not ignore it.
Pakistani cleric told The Sun yesterday of his chilling dream
His dream is my nightmare.
to turn the world Muslim – by force if necessary. Qari Hifzur Rehamn, 60, spoke openly of imposing Islamic law’s stoning and beheading on Britain – as Pakistan was rocked by unrest over the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

He warned: “We want Islamic law for all Pakistan and then the world.
At least it is a two step process. We can hope that the sane majority in Pakistan will deal with you.
“We would like to do this by preaching. But if not then we would use force.”

Rehamn, 60, spoke in the Pakistani town of Kahuta as the call to prayer echoed over the dusty streets. He is Imam of the town’s fundamentalist religious school or madrassa, where classes for kids as young as nine include Jihad or Holy War and barbaric punishments.

His teachings are frightening enough. But his mosque lies in the shadow of the secret bunker where Pakistan produces nuclear weapons.
Well if the radicals get control and special forces have to take out the nuclear bunkers maybe his mosque will be hit too.
And when asked if it would be right to nuke British infidels, he laughed and answered: “Probably.”

Rehamn, in a flowing grey beard and turban, explained Islamic, or Sharia Law as we sat surrounded by some of his 250 students. He said: “Adulterers who are married should be buried in earth to the waist and stoned to death.
That cuts down on the need for abortions due to out-of-wedlock births.
“Homosexuals must be killed – it’s the only way to stop them spreading. It should be by beheading or stoning, which the general public can do.
So government action is not even required. Let the mob do it. I wonder if American gays and lesbians realize that the left, which refuses to see the danger in Radical Islam, may be bringing them something more severe than Conservatives that don't like the idea of them getting married.
“Thieves should have their hands cut off. Women should remain indoors and films and pop music should be banned.”.... At the Red Mosque in the heart of the capital Islamabad, Maulana Mohavya Irshad, 24, stared coldly at me. He said: “I’m ready to become a suicide bomber and lay down my life for Islam. Democracy is wrong. Earth belongs to God and God’s law must be implemented.
Why not led God take care of it?

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