Saturday, January 19, 2008

Israel flattens Hamas ministry in Gaza Strip

Yahoo! News reported Israel bombed the Hamas-run Interior Ministry in Gaza and closed border crossings with the strip on Friday, sharply escalating what it called a campaign to halt Palestinian rocket attacks.

The four-storey ministry complex in Gaza City was empty at the time
Why not bomb it when it is full? An empty building was not firing rockets into Israel.
but one woman was killed and at least 30 others nearby were wounded in the air strike, medical officials said. "It felt like an earthquake," said Umm Fahmi, a woman who lives across from the blast site. "My house did not only shake, it jumped from its foundations and back down. How could they drop such a bomb in a residential area on top of people's heads?"
What sort of bomb should they have dropped, and how could a bomb not be on people's heads? While they are looking for a bomb to hit feet, and avoid heads, maybe you should stop the idiots firing rockets into Israel, and they could stop any bombing,
she said, peering through the dust at the concrete and steel remains of the security complex.

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