Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Clinton Escapes to Fight Another Day

NYT reported With solid support from registered Democrats and the backing of women, who deserted her in Iowa, Senator Clinton beat Senator Barack Obama of Illinois with a margin that — if not particularly wide — was enough for her campaign to claim a resounding victory.
She and Obama each got 9 delegates. Seems like a tie to me. Edwards got 4, and five are superdelegates, not committed to a candidate. Total vote count does not matter.
The political intensity of her victory was magnified by a weekend of polls and rapturous packed rallies for Mr. Obama that suggested Mrs. Clinton was in dire shape, particularly after Mr. Obama’s drubbing of her in Iowa.
That just shows how meaningless polls are. Particularly when the voters pride themselves on not deciding how to vote, or even which party to vote in, until they get to the polling place.
Mrs. Clinton won in a state that has always had a warm spot for the Clinton family.
Wait until she sees what the rest of the country thinks of her.

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