Thursday, December 21, 2006

Speech by Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri

SITE Institute reports The speech opens with a discussion of Palestine, Zawahiri reminding of Israel’s establishment and stating that the animosity of the British to Islam stretches over decades.

Britain used to rule of much of the land, and they were not defeated, they just decided to grant them independence.
He then turns to attempts by the UN and “America’s man in Palestine,” Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian National Authority, to broker peace agreements with Israel and cease dispute with Hamas, and argues that elections based on secular constitutions or resolutions accepting Israel will not liberate “one sand-grain” of Palestine.
It will if the Palestinians decide they want peace.
Jihad, then, is the sole means to effect the desired change.
Dead Palestinians.
He states: “It is our duty to reject and cast off these resolutions and wage war on them, instead of taking indecisive stances towards them, and saying that we shall respect them and acknowledge them as a fact of life, and other such terms which lead to the forfeiture of the Muslims’ rights”.
In other words they have a right to perpetual warfare, but not to peace???
Zawahiri also discusses the five years which have passed since the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan, arguing that coalition forces have faced a torrent of Mujahideen and Taliban fighters supported by Pashtun tribes, and America will soon fail in this prospect just as the Soviet Union two decades ago.
Perhaps, but we seem to be doing pretty good at this time.
He states: “And the Islamic Emirate shall return to Kabul soon - Allah willing - following the Crusader pullout, and its popularity has not merely increased in Afghanistan, but also in neighboring countries. And these are facts known to all”.
Especially those smoking hashish.
To the Democrats in America, Zawahiri states that they did not win and the Republicans did not lose; rather, it is the Mujahideen who have won,
How many seats in the House and how many in the Senate did the Mujahideen win?
and the American forces and their allies those who lost. Zawahiri addresses the American people and reminds that their security will not be assured unless such is realized in Palestine,
Which they can have any time they realize that peace is better than war.
and adds that they only realize the failure of the current administration when the Mujahideen slaughtered their soldiers. The Mujahideen, he indicates, will not stop inflicting losses upon their enemy until American and “Crusader” forces leave Muslim lands and cease supporting their rulers. Zawahiri then advocates that America seek to negotiate with the “real powers” in the Islamic world for their departure.
You are crazier than the Presient of Iran.
It is a new era and period in world history, Zawahiri announces; a period of Khalid Islambouli, Abdullah Azzam, Muhammad Atta, Muhammad Siddique Khan, and Shehzad Tanwir.

Harkening to the speech’s subject, Zawahiri directly tells the Muslim Nation that they have a decision in which they may live on the margins of the New World Order, or rely upon Allah and embrace Islam, doing jihad for His Sake.
In other words they can live in peace, side beside the state of Israel, and learn what a good friend Israel can be, or they can continue to try to kill Jews, and find they are losing many more of their people for every Jew they kill.
Scholars who advocate Muslims to take a moderate and progressive position are condemned
To live in peace on this earth, and they will probably find they will do better in the next world than if they spent their time on this world killing everyone that disagreed with them.
and those who obligate Muslim women in France to remove their hijab and those who obligate the Muslim in Britain to “obey Elizabeth” are not suitable, in Zawahiri opinion, to take the reins of leadership or authority. The Palestinian women of Beit Hanoun who surrounded the besieged mosque are deemed more courageous, resolution, and honorable than the “religion-selling traitors” in Iraq and Afghanistan, Cairo, Riyadh, Amman, and Sana’a.

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