Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Continuation of Jihad

FOCUS Information Agency reported An activist of the international terrorist network Al Qaeda who claims that he managed to escape from US air base in Afghanistan in 2005, summoned the Muslims to continue their “holly war against the West”, Reuters reports. The statement of the man who presented himself as Abu Ahia al Libi had been published in an Islamic website. He summoned the Muslims to remain vigilant and not to refuse from their fight”. “There is no other way besides jihad.

Actually there is. You could prove the oft stated expression the Islam is a Religion of Peace, and try peace.
To stop the holly war means to humiliate ourselves and to become weak.
You have already humiliated yourself, and you are weak. If you were strong, you would fight the Americans on the battlefield, rather than killing innocent Afgans, and setting of IEDs to blow people up.
The war should continue”, al Libi stated.

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