Monday, July 31, 2006

Mideast peace process

Haaretz reported Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, whose Arab country was the first to sign a peace treaty with Israel, warned Monday that the entire Middle East peace process could collapse because of Israel's fighting in Lebanon.

What Middle East peace process? Do you mean "Land for Peace", where Israel pulls out of Lebanon, just to see Hezbollah spend six years loading up with enough weapons to allow it to kill 8 Israeli soldiers and kidnap two others, and then begin launching rockets into Israel. Or do you mean "Land for Peace" where israel pulls all of its settlements out of Gaza, to see if the Palestinians really want peace, and then they are subjected to hundreds of rockets being fired into Israel, two soldiers killed, and another kidnapped? That does not sound like a Peace Process to me.
"Egypt, which triggered the peace process, warns of the consequences of its collapse," Mubarak said in a nationwide televised statement. "The Israeli aggression undermines the opportunities to continue it."
Is Egypt going to invade Israel, as it did in 1967? They got their butts handed to them, and after six days Israel controlled major parts of the Sinai, as well as major blocks of land of three other countries that attacked it.
He added: "There is an urgent need for an unconditional cease-fire which would pave the way for international efforts to end the crisis and deal with its consequences.".... Iran is a significant, respected player in the Middle East which is playing a stabilizing role, French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy said Monday, during a visit to Lebanon
The French Foreign Minister then passed out samples of the funny cigarettes he had been smoking, and every one had a fine time, as far as they can remember.
.... The French foreign minister repeated his country's call for an immediate cease-fire, saying the military situation was at an "impasse" so a political solution was needed.
And France would be willing to supply the White Flags so Israel could surrender (since we know Hezbollah has no intention of surrendering or making peace).
Blue Crab blogged At this point, there is mounting evidence that something is very wrong about the media accepted storyline of what happened in Qana (aka Cana and Kana). Instead of jumping merrily aboard the condemnation bandwagon, it would be a smart move to investigate what really happened there. As for France, there is little hope for a cure for what ails them. They are too far out of touch with reality these days.


Anonymous said...

And what do you think of Obadiah Shoher's arguments against the peace process ( )?

Don Singleton said...

There seems to be some merit there. The problem is there are three words for peace in Arabic. As Pamela Geller indicated The three Arabic words translated as "peace" in English are salaam, hudna, and suhl.

Salaam is the peace of submission. It's the drawn out pronunciation of "slm" in "Islam," (written Arabic has no vowels) the Arabic word for submission and obedience, and in "Moslem" or "Muslim," the Arabic word for "one who submits."

There is peace, salaam, among Moslems when they submit to Allah and the teachings of the Koran. There is peace, salaam, between Moslems and kafirs, infidels, only when the latter submit to the rule of the former.

In other words, salaam, Moslem peace, is not the absence of violence as it is for us, but the absence of disobedience.

Hudna, the second Arabic word translated in English as "peace," means cease-fire, a temporary truce.

suhl is the only real peace.

And the Arabs do not want shul.