Monday, May 29, 2006

20 Islamist plots in Britain

Times Online reported Twenty “major conspiracies” by Islamist terrorists in Britain have been uncovered by the security services, John Reid, the home secretary, has disclosed.

It is good that their security services are doing what they are doing to protect their citizens.
Reid said that the existence of so many plots means that the police and MI5 are fully stretched and cannot divert their precious counter-terrorism resources to a lengthy public inquiry into last year’s London suicide bombings.
Sounds like they have the same sort of idiots there as we do here complaining about the Terrorist Surveilance Program
Reid revealed the existence of the plots — far more than have previously been reported — at a meeting with some of the victims’ relatives and survivors of the attacks last week.
The problem with revealing your successes, is that you run the risk of revealing sources and methods for achieving those successes.
He failed to give further details but the claim appears to fit in with briefings by MI5 which suggest that as many as 1,200 potential terrorist suspects may now be in the UK.
And we probably have even more than that here in the US.

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