Saturday, August 27, 2005

I Got Tagged

Greta tagged Chris and Chris in turn tagged Epler with this game of numbers, and he tagged me. So here I go:

10 years ago: I lived where I am living now, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, doing computer consulting work such as

  • developing a package to be used in a gasoline station to allow sale of gasoline using a credit card in countries where the phone lines were not good enough to allow the sales to be authorized online
  • developing software for a hand-held Bible Computer, capable of rearching for a particular word or words, and displaying the text which contains that word
  • developing a system that can be used by a Federal Government agency to ask a series of questions, and then based on the answers select the clauses that the Federal Acquisition Regulations require be in a government contract.
My health had deteriorated to the point where it was becoming increasingly more difficult for me to go out and find such consulting opportunities, so I found myself doing less and less, and just living on my savings.

5 years ago: I was no longer able to go out and find consulting opportunities (although I could still have done them in my home had I found them. I began spend more of my time refurbishing computers, and on March 23, 2002 I started HelpingTulsa

1 year ago: I was busy with HelpingTulsa. We had just posted pictures of our most popular image, the Children's Image, in use by St Marks Methodist Church in their Summer Day Camp, and we had just sent 20 computers to Sierra Leone, and 42 computers to a variety of recipients in the Tulsa area. I finally had qualified for Disability Payments under Medicare so I was no longer draining my bank account trying to survive even though home-bound with my disability.

1 day ago: I was still recovering from three solid days working with a Peace Corp Volunteer from Nairobi refurbishing 40 computers for a literacy project in Kenya

5 Favorite Snacks:
  • Peanut Butter on Ritz Crackers
  • Ritz Crackers by themselves
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • cheddar cheese
  • Low carb ice cream
5 Songs I know the words to:
I do not sing

What I would do with Five Million Dollars:
  • Expand HelpingTulsa significantly
  • I cant think of anything else
5 Places I would escape to for a while (all unlikely, since I am home-bound):
  • Computer convention in Las Vegas
  • visit my siblings
  • shows in Branson
  • visit the other computer refurbishing projects we have helped get started
  • help get a computer refurbishing project get started somewhere
5 Things I would not wear:
  • suit
  • tie
  • shirt buttoned at the neck
  • Cant think of anything else
5 Favorite T.V. Programs
  • Fox News
  • Touched by an Angel (sorry it is no longer on)
  • CSI
  • CSI Miami
  • House
5 Greatest Joys:
  • Helping others
  • Teaching people to refurbish computers
  • Blogging
  • Working on web pages
  • Watching TV
5 Favorite Toys:
  • Computer
  • Internet
  • PhotoShop
  • UltraEdit
5 People I will Tag to play:

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