Friday, July 15, 2005

Hizb ut Tahrir

BBC reported An influential British Muslim has told Newsnight that unless action is taken against an extreme Muslim group operating in the United Kingdom then we could soon be experiencing terrorist attacks along the lines of those in Baghdad and Jerusalem. Hizb Ut Tahrir or HT is an Islamic splinter group, which is banned in many countries around the world. It operates freely in Britain. But Newsnight has discovered that its website promotes racism and anti-Semitic hatred, calls suicide bombers martyrs, and urges Muslims to kill Jewish people.

Action needs to be taken against any group promoting violence


Anonymous said...

Hizb ut tahrir means (the party of liberation in arabic ) : it represents the outmost enlightend political party and by far most universal in it,s presence and ideology of all the politiacl movemnts, islamic or otherwise in the whole globe .Hizb ut tahrir (HUT) was founded in 1953 on the hands of Sheik Taqi al deen nabhani along with sheik Ahmad al daur and sheik Abdul qadeem zalloum ,, all scholars from the elite al azahar university in Cairo egypt .
HUT is uique in the sense that it has a very clear goal; : the re establishment of The second rightouse khilafah back on earth .
khilafah is defined as a universal state and representation of the whole Muslim Ummah (nation )
as such .. it is nor (extreme , or alien to islam )
hizb ut tahrir have gained huge support due to it,s standing firm for the cause and due to his refusal to sell his ideas in exhange of immediate gratifications such as semi silamic goverments or ministerial offices , as did other islamic or so called islamic organizations
HUT is by far a non violent one .. it advocates that only via the support of the sincere part of the ummah folks and generals of the muslim armies ,, that a day will come were the HUT is able to throw one or more of the regimes that rules over muslims (by way of popular upruse or even cout detat ) paving the way for the nucleos of the new state of khilafah to ushered into life .
HUT is anticipated to become the most spoken about group in the next century due to the pround radical chande that will impact the Muslim world and the rest of humanity , one the khilafah (caliphate ) is in place .
abu husamudden

Don Singleton said...

So you are saying the objective is a caliphate over the entire world?