Saturday, June 18, 2005

Virtual Majority

EIKIW blogged Democrats have already begun planning what they are going to do with their new toy, the Virtual Majority, which was so generously provided by the Gang of Seven Republicans. Senate Democrats plan to emulate the strategy they used to block Republicans from employing the so-called “nuclear option” on judicial nominations in an effort to enact their own domestic agenda in the coming weeks, a key Democratic senator said yesterday. What Schumer neglects to take into account is that the drop in the polls is due to Republicans who are angry at wimpy senators who are not doing enough to stop the outrageous behavior of Democrats--Republicans have not had a sudden change of heart and decided that, lo and behold, Democrats have been right all along. Republican dissatisfaction with Republican senators does not equal a sudden ground-swell of Republican support of Democrat policies and tactics.

EIKIW readers, see this post on CQ about Sean's health.

Regarding Virtual Majority, the Dems must be crazy to think they are going to run the Senate by virtue of the 7 Republicans that joined the gang of 14.

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