Thursday, February 07, 2008

Weathermen Fight for Global Cooling Funding

Popular Mechanics reported Every day, scientists hoping to see an increase in solar activity train their instruments at the sun as it crosses the sky. This is no idle academic pursuit: A lull in solar action could potentially drive the planet’s temperature down, or even prompt a mini Ice Age.
Al Gore and the Global Warming fanatics will heat things up just with their voices. Already John Kerry is blaiming the 'intense storms' (tornados) that have killed more than 50 on climate change.. Calmer heads must prevail. Bob Krum wonders if Kerry thinks Global Warming was the cause of this far more severe Super Outbreak he remember 34 years ago.
For millennia, thermonuclear forces inside the star have followed a regular rhythm, causing its magnetic field to peak and ebb, on average, every 11 years. Space weathermen are watching for telltale increases in sunspots, which would signal the start of a new cycle, predicted to have started last March and expected to peak in 2012. “When the sun’s active, it’s a little bit brighter,” explains Ken Tapping, a solar researcher and project director for Canada’s National Research Council.

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