Saturday, February 09, 2008

Hillary War on MSNBC

TPM Election Central reported The Hillary campaign has just gone to war with MSNBC, dispatching a top Hillary adviser to launch a lacerating attack on the network on a conference call with reporters moments ago.
With Obama beating her, she is desperate for something to change the news about that, and has decided to declare war on one of her most major allies. And this is the sort of person who thinks she should be President. Bush may have gone to war in Iraq, but Hillary might declare war on Canada if she needs to cover her a$$.
On the call, top Hillary adviser Howard Wolfson suggested that there's a "pattern" of reprehensible comments by MSNBC personalities, and said outright that the Hillary campaign could no longer "envision a scenario where we would debate on that network given the comments that were made and have been made."
And this at the time when she is begging Obama for more debates.
Wolfson made the comments in response to a question about a now-notorious comment by MSNBC's David Shustser, in which he asked if Chelsea's campaigning on her mom's behalf meant she was being "pimped" by the Hillary campaign...
According to TheFreeDictionary pimp means "pander" or "procure", but related words are "cater", "ply", "provide", and "supply" - "give what is desired or needed" and Wikipedia says In the first years of the 21st century, however, a new meaning of the word has emerged in the form of a transitive verb which means "to decorate" or "to gussy." The instigation for this new definition stems from Pimp My Ride, an MTV television show. Although this new definition paid homage to hip-hop culture and its connection to street culture, it has now entered common, even mainstream commercial, use.

Though Shuster apologized this morning, the Hillary campaign has clearly decided to seize upon the opportunity to launch a major attack on the network. A few weeks ago Chris Matthews publicly apologized to Hillary after suggesting that her whole Senate career and presidential candidacy was made possible only because of Bill's shenanigans in the White House.
Even though it was true.

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