Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Don't make perfect the enemy of the good

Betsy Newmark blogged I'm clearly of the camp that argues that it is monumentally stupid to make the perfect the enemy of the good. Yes, McCain is not the perfect candidate, but he sure is better than Clinton or Obama on the war in Iraq and on judicial nominations.
That is true, and the threat of Islamic Terrorism has not gone away, and the next president will make several supreme court appointments. If McCain can be persuaded to select a good strong Conservative (not Huckabee) for VP we just might win the White House. Can anyone think of a strong conservative Black Woman? What about La Shawn Barber or Condi Rice???. If not her, then what about a Conservative Black (Thomas Sowell???) or a Conservative Woman (Michelle Malkin???). Obama is ahead in delegates, but Clinton will call in her chits with the Super Delegates to steal the nomination, and that should tick off the blacks who supported Obama, and the Hispanics will support McCain.
That's enough for me. It's time for Romney and Huckabee to give it up and throw their support behind the party's choice. They've had their best shot but they haven't demonstrated viability across the board. And conservatives need to stop sniping at each other over the outcome of the nomination fight.

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