Thursday, February 07, 2008

Interesting news from Dem land

TPM Election Central reported Hillary Loaned Her Campaign $5 Million, some Clinton senior staff are working without pay, and when that news hit TPM Election Central revealed the Obama Campaign Raised Over $4 Million -- Since Polls Closed Yesterday! and reported Obama is on pace to raise $30 million in February. This clearly is not good news to Queen Hillary who expected a coronation. She tried to counter with the fact that she raised a bunch online in the last couple of days, but will that go to repay her loan to the campaign, or will she pay her staff, or make them continue to work for free and buy TV ads. Guess what, paying the staff will be very low on her priority list, as long as she can get away with it.

I do not expect Hillary to give in. Rather she will pull some more dirty tricks like they pulled against Conservatives, but the Dems that liked it then will not like it when she pulls them on another Democrat. It really looks like they are headed for a brokerd convention, but Howard Dean is saying reported he may have to broker Clinton-Obama deal to prevent that. Good luck Howard. If the deal shafts Obama, Republicans have a good chance to capture some of the disaffected black voters.

Michael Duffy writes in Time about how some in the Clinton campaign are encouraging speculation that she would put Obama on her ticket if she were to get the nomination. Betsy Newmark discusses both alternatives, a Clinton Obama ticket, and an Obama Clinton ticket, and she correctly shows that both would be a major mistake, especially for Obama.

Gaius also addresses this possibility, and comes to the same conclusion: Obama has been running extremely well, much better than I initially expected, frankly. For him to give up all his aspirations to be President is pretty well unthinkable. For Clinton, she believes that job is hers, almost as a birthright. I can't see her giving that up, either. So if have a virtually unsolvable problem there.

Compound all that by trying to imagine what an Obama Presidency would be like with Hillary and her co-Vice President standing over his shoulder the whole time.

He would have to spend all of his time disavowing statements by Hilary and Bill.
Or what a completely insignificant role Obama would play when the Bubbapalooza is upstaging him at every turn.
That Vice Presidency really would not be worth a bucket of warm spit.
The Democrats are caught in a trap of their own making here. They have played identity politics for years and have the unfortunate historical timing to have two "identity" candidates appear to be viable at the same time. And the "brokering" will likely cause real damage.

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