Saturday, February 09, 2008

The media pick the winners

I don't normally quote WorldNetDaily, but Bill Press made a good point: Super Tuesday's over, and there's no absolute winner among either Democrats or Republicans. Nonetheless, even though no one candidate has yet locked up their party's nomination, we might as well cancel the rest of the primaries or caucuses. The media have already decided that this year's standard bearers will be John McCain and Barack Obama.

Yes, somewhere along the line, the role of the media has changed from reporting on the primaries to deciding the primaries. They pick their favorites, they give them preferential treatment, they tear down their opponents, and they anoint their winning candidates even before voters have a chance to go to the polls. Step one occurs early in the primary process, when network executives decide which candidates get covered and which ones don't. Among Republicans, too bad for Tom Tancredo, Ron Paul, Tommy Thompson, Sam Brownback and Duncan Hunter. Once the media suits decided they weren't serious candidates, they got no media attention, which, of course, resulted in their never being taken seriously as candidates.

I am not really sure any of them were serious candidates, even though some of them did raise good piints on issues that they were focused on.
Among Democrats, the same thing happened to Dennis Kucinich, Mike Gravel, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd and Bill Richardson – even though Biden, Dodd and Richardson had more experience to offer, and more concrete ideas, than either Clinton or Obama.
And Richardson had executive experience, dealing with a state legislature.
Too bad. The media decided ahead of time that their ideas weren't worth being heard, and so they weren't..... That same gentle treatment extends to the candidate's spouse. Appearing on ABC's "Good Morning America," Michelle Obama was asked if she could see herself working to support Sen. Clinton, if she ended up getting the nomination. Her response: "I'd have to think about that. I'd have to think about policies, her approach, her tone."
Did they ask Bill or Hillary the same question, and what was their response?
All I'm asking is that, for the rest of the campaign, the media treat every candidate equally bad. That's their job. And there's a big difference between their job and ours. To bend a phrase: "They report. We decide."
I agree. But if they really investigate Obama I suspect they will find major problems.
Noel Sheppard blogged Interesting points all. But was Press being honest with his readers? After all, according to his website, his radio program airs from the Clinton think tank (emphasis added):
On June 27, Bill launched his new talk radio program - the "Bill Press Show" - broadcasting live from the Center for American Progress in downtown Washington, D.C.
Some coincidence that on June 21, NewsBusters reported on CAP's connections to the Clintons

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