Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Britain Eliminates Islamic Terrorism

lgf reported The British government has, amazingly, managed to completely eliminate “Islamic terrorism” and “jihad.” From their vocabulary. ‘Don’t mention Islamic extremists’: Government phrasebook tries to avoid upsetting Muslims.

The Government has drawn up a controversial phrasebook on the language of terrorism and is insisting civil servants no longer blame fanatical extremism on Islam, for fear of upsetting the Muslim community.
Maybe they should not have let so many into their country.
The new counter-terrorism guidelines suggest that phrases such as “Islamic terrorist” and “jihadi fundamentalism” are too inflammatory and imply that all Muslims explicitly are responsible for extremism.
No, only the ones that support terrorism or jihadi fundamentalism. Oh, is that a lot of them? Then why did you let them in your country?
Instead the leaked Home Office document advises Whitehall bosses that they refer to violent extremism and criminal murderers or thugs to avoid any link between Islam and terrorism.
Why confuse them with common murderers and thugs.
However, the war on terror handbook has provoked an unfavorable response from people claiming the Government are bowing under the pressure of political correctness.

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