Monday, May 01, 2006

Vast majority believes Iraq mission not accomplished

CNN. Three years after President Bush declared major combat over in Iraq, Americans have strong doubts that the United States will fulfill the promise of his "Mission Accomplished" backdrop, a poll released Monday found.

The Mission Accomplished banner was on a ship, returning home, and it referred to the Navy's Mission, which involved the use of several air craft carriers flying a number of bombing missions every day. That mission was accomplished. Those carriers are no longer where they were, and very few, if any, bombing missions are flown today.
The CNN poll, conducted April 21-23 by Opinion Research Corporation, found that only 9 percent thought the U.S. mission in Iraq had been accomplished, while 40 percent believed it would be complete someday.
The rest must believe the Dems and the MSM will have their way, and pull us out before the mission is accomplished, so that Iraq can become a failed state. Which is totally stupid, since those same Dems and MSM think the Democrats will take over the government, and the Dems are totally unprepared to fight the sort of battle that they would then be faced with,


Silke said...


How will we know when the mission is accomplished?

Don Singleton said...

When the Iraqis can protect their country without our help.

Silke said...

But they can't even protect it with our help.