Friday, May 05, 2006

Free -- but mostly obscure -- TV

If you have a broadband internet connection, but no satellite TV or Cable TV, you may be interested in this item from TechBlog ChannelChooser: 70 channels of free cable-style television.

And let's get the obvious question out of the way first: Yes, there's porn . . . eight channels of it. But you won't click on that, right?

The other 62 are channels you know -- Sci-Fi, Comedy Channel, Bloomberg TV, NASA TV, MTV Overdrive -- and plenty you probably don't. Ever heard of the Patient Channel, Poker TV, the Police Channel, the EMS & Fire Channel and Psychic Interactive? Yeah, me either, but then I don't have digital cable or satellite TV, so I'm deprived. But hey, no longer! I tried clicking on a couple of the more popular ones -- including the Comedy and Sci-Fi channels -- and they just timed out. The Church Channel came right up, though.

Update: Not so obscure: CBS streams some of its shows on Innertube.

I had the same problem with Comedy and SciFi, but a lot of the others worked fine. The 70 channels are: 01-C-Span 1, 02-C-Span 2, 03-C-Span 3, 04-Pentagon Channel, 05-Roo TV, 06-CCTV, 07-European Affairs, 08-BBC News, 09-Reuters News, 10-Real Estate TV, 11-Bloomberg TV, 12-3BTV, 13-Chatshow Network, 14-Channel XL, 15-Channel 125, 16-Game Network, 17-Psychic Interactive, 18-TV Cartoons, 19-Western Channel, 20-Horror Channel, 21-Comedy Channel, 22-Sci-Fi Channel, 23-Tiscali TV, 24-Fashion Party, 25-Mania TV, 26-Drama Channel, 27-SCC TV, 28-Research Channel, 29-LNN, 30-Patient Channel, 31-Ministry Of Sound, 32-Deluxe Music, 33-TMF, 34-E-Music, 35-Deejay TV, 36-On Top TV, 37-Tunespoon, 38-RTV Channel, 39-MTV Overdrive, 40-Airside TV, 41-Lifestyle Network, 42-IVnet TV, 43-Police Channel, 44-Ems & Fire Channel, 45-NASA TV, 46-Shopping Channel, 47-Baby Channel, 48-Fashion Channel, 49-Holiday TV, 50-Fashion TV, 51-Weatherplus, 52-Hope Channel, 53-Church Channel, 54-Racing Live, 55-Wheelz TV, 56-Bandsports, 57-Cycling TV, 58-Sail TV, 59-High TV, 60-Fieldhockey TV, 61-Poker TV, 62-Star Games, 63-Adult TV Channel 1, 64-Adult TV Channel 2, 65-Adult TV Channel 3, 66-Adult TV Channel 4, 67-Lingerie Channel, 68-Midnight Hot Plus, 69-Midnight Hot, 70-Men Lingerie TV

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