Wednesday, May 03, 2006

ABC Yanks Its 'Commander in Chief'

WaPo Prince George's County won't have "Commander in Chief" to be kicked around by anymore. Just days after county bigwigs went thermonuclear over an episode in which faux POTUS Geena Davis sends in the troops to quell crime in the county (she was also seen in front of a restaurant advertising sweet potato pie, pork chops and chitlins), ABC quietly pulled the plug on the White House drama for the rest of the season.

Earlier I read that if her numbers did not pick up she was going to be impeached; last week it appeared from the previews that she was going to get sick and the Speaker of the House was going to take over, but now it sounds like even that that episode may not air.
While county big cheeses no doubt wish they could claim embarrassment caused ABC's decision, honestly, the series was done in by ABC's very tight race with Fox to finish the season in first place among young viewers.

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