Thursday, May 04, 2006

Morocco women preachers appointed

BBC News reported Morocco has appointed 50 women as state preachers for the first time as part of the government's drive to promote a more tolerant version of Islam.

I am definitely in favor of promoting a tolerant version of Islam over the more violent version. Will Briton deport some of its radical clerics that promote violence, and bring some of these women in to run the Mosques?
The Islamic guides, called Mourchidats, will be able to give basic religious instruction in mosques. But they will not be able to lead Friday prayers, which will remain a male preserve.
One step at a time.
Since suicide bombers struck Casablanca in 2003, there has been a crackdown on suspected Islamic militants. The country has also been attempting to modernise its human rights, especially for women, while not alienating conservative Muslims.

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