Friday, January 13, 2006

Wal-Mart employees expose terror cell's bulk phone purchase

Engadget reported Unfortunately, terrorists always seem to be one step ahead of our defenses when it comes to weaponizing modern technology, from using airplanes as missiles to re-purposing shoes into wearable bombs. Well thankfully some alert retail employees across the country have been notifying law enforcement about bulk purchases of prepaid cellphones (which can be used, as in the 2004 Madrid train bombings, for remote detonation), in one case actually cluing the FBI into a suspected terror cell. After the December 18th purchase of 60 prepaid handsets by six Middle Eastern gentlemen, Midland, TX Wal-Mart employees decided to call the local po-po, who turned the case over to the Feds when the men began acting shady in custody.

The press bad mouth's WalMart, and Maryland may be forcing WalMart to spend more on health care, it looks like they do good things too.
The six were later linked to a Metroplex-based sleeper cell, and are most likely enjoying the company of some "outsourced" foreign interrogators right about now.
I wonder if NSA has any intercepted communication from any of the 60 cell phones.
Seems like Wal-Mart's minimum-wage army may actually be just as adept at crimefighting as the "highly-trained" G-Men, which either says a lot for Sam Walton or not so much for J. Edgar.

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