Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Top ten blogger lies

gapingvoid blogged

  1. I don't consider myself an A-Lister.
    No, but I turn up for speaking gigs at all the big conferences anyway. Uh-huh.
    I want my 15 minutes of fame.
  2. I don't care about traffic.
    Of course I don't. Even though I'm a freelance consultant, and my blog is my primary way of marketing myself. Rock on.
    Why spend all this time if no one reads it.
  3. I've read your blog.
    Yeah, well I read the "Musings of an unemployed tech consultant" bit on the title bar, before clicking off. That counts.
    I didn't say I read it daily.
  4. I started blogging back in 1999.
    Of course, back in 1999 a Flash-animated, brochureware homepage was considered a blog. Kinda sorta.
    There are sites today that consider themselves blogs, but if they don't have RSS and if they don't have a comment area and/or a trackback capability I don't agree they are a blog.
  5. My blog has no commercial agenda.
    I'm far too sexy to care about money. Exactly.

  6. I only have advertising on my blog as an experiment.
    That explains why the adstrip is right under the "Musings of an unemployed tech consultant" bit. Indeed.

  7. I've never liked the unegalitarian term, "A-Lister".
    Even though I am one. Oh, the irony.
    But if I was one, I might find I like the term.
  8. I'm proud to be a D-Lister.
    Even though I spend 7 hours a day writing the thing. Right.
    And I don't do anything to increase my position in the TTLB Ecosystem
  9. He's a big hero of mine.
    He's got more traffic than downtown Mexico City and I'm hoping to God he links to me one day.
    And maybe if he hears I said this he will link to me.
  10. I really admire what she's doing for the blogosphere.
    I've noticed that she's currently single.
    And maybe if she hears I said this she will go out with me.

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