Thursday, January 12, 2006

So who is CAP?

Danny Carlton blogged Senate Dims are in a tizzy because Samuel Alito put on a 1985 resume that he belonged to the Concerned Alumni of Princeton.

A conservative group, which is why the Dems are so upset about it.
They claim it's a notorious racist group (as if the DNC isn't already a notorious lying group, which makes their claims highly dubious). So what info is there out there about CAP?

Setting aside the 99% of information on the internet that was written within the past few months by Liberals doing their usual historical revisionism, one has to look pretty far to get an accurate picture of who this group really was. First of all note that Fox News' Andrew Napolitano was not only also a member of the group, he served in a leadership position (and says that while he knew Alito at Princeton, wasn't aware that he belonged to CAP)
He also said that the group did not hold meetings, except for board members, and Alito definitely was not on the board. He also said that when he and Alito were at Princeton, someone bombed the ROTC building, and the administration just kicked ROTC off campus, and the two of them had to go to another school to complete their ROTC oblibations, and getting ROTC back on the Princeton Campus was one of the main things that CAP was formed to push for. He also said that the main thing they did was publish a magagazine, which had a disclaimer in it that opinions expressed in an article were not necessarilly those of the Concerned Alumni of Princeton organization.
In order to wade through the Liberal nonsense we need a refresher course in Liberalese.

When someone says... “People should be required to show picture IDs in order to vote.”
A Liberal hears... “Black people shouldn't be allowed to vote.”

When someone says... “Parents should be notified if their minor daughter gets an abortion.”
A Liberal hears... “All un-wed and pregnant women should die cruel and horrible deaths!”

So when CAP's executive director, T. Harding Jones is quoted as saying... “Many Princeton graduates are unhappy over the fact that the administration has seen fit to abrogate the virtual guarantee that 800 would continue to be the number of males in each freshman class.”

Liberals hear... “Women and Blacks shouldn't be allowed to go to college.”
Note: Princeton was not co-ed when Alito attended.
So you can see why Teddy Kennedy is convinced CAP is nothing more than a branch of the KKK combined with the “He-Man Woman Haters Club

First of all, recent reports quote CAP without noting who within the organization actually made the statement. That's a slick trick Liberals use to make one outspoken member seem to fully represent anyone associated with the group. From what I can find, virtually all of the quotes are from one source, T. Harding Jones, who the New York Times noted in 1974, “runs the organization almost single-handedly from its off-campus headquarters.” The nation is being scoured as I write, by Liberal journalists trying to find the elusive Mr. Jones since they can't seem to get any juicy quotes from any other former member of CAP, who all, seem to hold prestigious positions and oppose the very things the Libs are claiming CAP stood for. It's even more confusing given that the editor of CAP's paper in 1983 was none other than East Indian born, Dinesh D'souza, it seems odd to accuse them of opposing minorities.
I believe that Judge Napolitano also said that at one time there was a woman editor of the CAP magazine, and possibly a black editor at another time (or perhaps those were board members)
Another whine against CAP is that they opposed allowing women into Princeton. But up until 1970 Princeton was an all male school. I certainly don't hear the MSM getting in a huff about Hillary Clinton's all female alma mater, Wellesley College, do you? And of course if Princeton Alumns objected to women at Princeton, why it's just logical that they also opposed Blacks, even though none ever said such a thing. It's one of those Liberal-mind-reading things, y'know.

Here's the question I'd like someone to ask Alito... “Mr. Alito isn't it true that members of CAP once, in a drunken stupor, drove a woman into the water and swam away and hid, failing to call the police, a cowardly act which most certainly kept authorities from saving the woman from drowning? Oh, my apologies, I was thinking of someone else.”
Some documents of interest can be found here, here and here.

Todd Zywicki at the Volokh Conspiracy notes a very interesting parallel.


Richard Rampell said...

Sorry, but you have it wrong about CAP. I attended Princeton (class of '74) when CAP was very active . Its main focus was on bringing Princeton back to the 1930's. Any objection to ROTC, if it existed at all, was incidental to its existence. As for Andy Napolitano, I knew him at Princeton, and he opposed co-education and almost any other progressive idea on campus at the time, particularly women and affirmative action.

Don Singleton said...

I believe what Judge Napolitano said