Monday, January 09, 2006

Alito Hearings

In watching the opening speaches in the Alito Confirmation Hearings it became obvious that the atitude of the Democrats is very similar to something I read in the humor site ScrappleFace: Isn’t the role of the majority to ensure that the minority gets its way.... We don’t want to be accused of discriminating against them just because they lost the elections.

When the Senate confirmed Clinton's choices for the Supreme Court, a number of conservative Senators approved his nominations, feeling that he won the election, and thus was entitled to name liberals to the court. After seeing how the Democrats have behaved with Bush appointees to the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court, I wonder what Conservative Senators will do if we ever again have a Democratic President. I hope they will give the Dems back some of what they have given Bush's nominees.

Despite this, I believe and hope that Alito will be approved.

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tyler said...

He's got it in the bag.