Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tagged by The Anchoress

The Anchoress tagged me with a challenge to publicly post some confessions about myself. It is a high honor to be tagged by a blogger who is up for The Weblog Awards 2005 Best Conservative Blog category. (Please vote for her).

I guess I will tag the other bloggers that I endorsed for other categories in the Weblog Awards:

I confess.... that I frequent get frustrated at my medical problems, until I read the problems that Job had.

I confess.... I sometimes still get frustrated. After all, Job is Old Testament, and though the secular left will be upset at me for mentioning it, doesn't the Happy Holiday that we are about to celebrate have something to do with the birth of a baby that heraled the start of a New Testament.

I confess.... that my health problems stem from having eaten too much for much of my life, and not getting enough exercise.

I confess.... while I love refurbishing computers and giving them to others (HelpingTulsa) I sometimes get frustrated when some recipients seem too greedy. If someone says they want the best I have, I find I just give them whatever is handy, while when someone says they are so desperate for a computer that the will take anything I have, I give them the best that I can find. That seems right, yet should I be the one to make that choice?

I confess.... being homebound I sometimes take undue advantage of the volunteers that come over to help me with HelpingTulsa by asking them to do other things for me. Without their help, HelpingTulsa would not be able to turn out any refurbished computers, because by myself I cannot lift anything.

I confess.... I spend more time blogging than I do talking to God, or reading His Book

I confess.... I have some very good friends that I really love, and I don't tell them how much I appreciate them as often as I should.

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