Thursday, December 08, 2005 tops list of domain name requests

InfoWorld reports was the most sought after domain name using the European Union’s own TLD (top-level domain) on the opening day for registrations. According to data supplied by EURid, the body responsible for registering .eu domain names, received the highest number of applications.

This is interesting, especially after seeing this report: PortalIT reports XXX domain put on hold again - No decision has been taken toward the introduction of a special domain suffix for adult entertainment sites, in other words the .xxx domain. The domain was devised to take the place of the .com suffix for companies in the adult entertainment industry. At the board meeting of ICANN last week there was expected a decision to be taken in this respect but talks have been delayed again, despite of the continuous lobby and pressure from the adult entertainment companies. The delay might be the effect of the counter-lobby led by conservative Christian organizations such as the Family Research Council. The advocates of these organizations say that letting porn sites bear the same domain name would legitimize them but would not make it easier to avoid sexual content on the Internet.

Actually I would support an XXX or a SEX.EU domain, if there was some way of making certain that all adult website would have to use it, because it would make it very easy for Parental Control software to block access to those sites. But if there is no way to force all adult websites to such a domain name, I dont see what advantage it would have.

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