Friday, December 09, 2005

Newspaper raises money for sex offender

TimesUnion reported In tough times, music remains a source of comfort for Sam Patalino. Only the songs are left from Sam Patalino's days singing in Troy's nightclubs, days that evoke memories of shaking maracas and a dancer named Tangerine.... Patalino, referred to the Times Union Holiday Fund by Colonie's Senior Resources Department, sleeps in the living room. The bedroom he keeps tightly shut to minimize the cost of heat (the home has no insulation). Also, he's behind $258 on the electric bill. Looking at it makes him nervous.

Poynter blogged A 78-year-old man profiled in an Albany Times Union Holiday Fund story on Wednesday was convicted in 1991 of felony first-degree sexual abuse involving a 10-year-old boy. Editor Rex Smith says: "I wish we hadn't spotlighted a sex offender, and we will more carefully screen the names forwarded to us as profile candidates in the future. But I don't think our readers would want us to reserve our charity only for those who are without blemish.''

I can't speak for the fine people in Albany, but I would think that a felony conviction for first-degree sexual abuse involving a 10-year-old boy is a little more than a "blemish".
The Latham 78-year-old acknowledged pleading guilty. He served three months in jail, he said, and then 10 more days after a subsequent arrest for having the boy in his car while on probation. "That's what the public defender told me to do,'' he said when asked why he pleaded guilty if he was innocent. "It wouldn't cause any trouble for (the boy). He wouldn't have to come to court.''
Since when are first degree sex offenders just given three months in jail, and then why are they just given 10 days for having the boy in his car while on probation?


scapegoat said... < This is me, a sex offender as well. It's a travesty that they lump a list of crimes under this "Scarlet Letter Brand". I wonder what type of monster will be invented next. People in general don't care for the "how" or "why". I understand alot of people do not know the law[under-educated], fear the unknown, nor even have taken the chance to review a case-file concerning these individuals. They just accept things at their face-value instead of looking deeper.

Don Singleton said...

Pointing out the ages the wives of Poe or Biblical people does not justify you having sex with someone who just came into your room, whether they liked your art or not.

I suspect things may be somewhat different than you describe, but such is life