Friday, December 09, 2005

Should Israel give up its nukes?

LATimes reported In a sudden attack of common sense, a Pentagon-commissioned study released in mid-November suggests an approach to nuclear nonproliferation in the Middle East that might actually be accepted by the people of the region.

The approach: turn on our only friend in the area, and hope the Arabs will appreciate it.
What is this breakthrough idea? That U.S. policies begin not with a country that currently lacks nuclear weapons — Iran — but rather with the one that by virtually all accounts already has them — Israel.

To avert Iran's apparent drive for nuclear weapons, concludes Henry Sokolski, a co-editor of "Getting Ready for a Nuclear-Ready Iran," Israel should freeze and begin to dismantle its nuclear capability. This and other recommendations emerged from two years of deliberations by experts on the Middle East and nuclear nonproliferation.
Total stupidity. Iran is not developing nuclear weapons in a Mutually Assured Distruction effort to prevent Israel from attacking it. It is developing them because it believe that Israel should not exist, at least not in the Middle East. (They made the stupid suggestion that Israel be moved to Europe). If we persuad Israel to get rid of its nukes, then it will not take many Iranian Nukes to destroy Israel.

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