Sunday, December 04, 2005

McCain-Lieberman '08?

Mark Noonan blogged It just occured to me yesterday, or maybe the day before. While McCain is about my least favorite Republican and Lieberman is my favorite Democrat, this would make some political sense: First off, it would just crush anyone else who was running.

Personally I would prefer to see Condi run, because a black woman would draw enough black votes and hold enough women votes to counter even Hillary, but it is an interesting idea.
Aside from that, by taking the centrist Democrats out of the Democratic voting bloc, it would allow the left to become even more powerful within the Democratic Party and thus ensure that a really far-out, freako-leftist was nominated in 2008.
The problem with that is that by the time the Republican slate was known, the Dems would have had enough primaries and caucuses that their party's nominee would be determined, and I fear it will be Hillary, and that the MSM will help her appear to be a centrist.
It is my view that the most important thing in politics right now is to destroy the Democratic Party as an institution - this is necessary because as long as that rag-tag collection of Greens and socialists who make up the Democratic base can continue to apply the still-honored name fo Democrat to themselves, there is a danger those lunatics might actually get into power. Much better to just finish off the Democratic Party and allow the sensible left to form a new political Party stripped of the far left lunatics.
The far left lunatics are the ones in control of that party. What we really need to do is attract more of the centrist and moderate Dems to come over to the Republican party.
While McCain wouldn't be a boon to conservatism, he would likely concentrate the conservative mind wonderfully - in order to prevent a President McCain from playing to the MSM gallery, the conservative GOP base would have to remain united and active to exert sufficient political pressure to keep a President McCain up on the rails
That depends on what happens in 2006. If we are able to preserve what we have in both the House and the Senate, and perhaps even improve our position in both houses, and if we can replace some of the spineless RINOs with conservatives, then the legislature might well be able to keep McCain under control, but if we lose ground in either or both houses, I think we need someone more reliable than McCain
...meanwhile, we'd be carrying out the first duty of conservatism, which is to preserve that which is good: America is worth preserving, and we must protect America from those people who would destroy it from within. What do you think?

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