Saturday, February 03, 2007

School Voucher

Salt Lake Tribune reported A school voucher bill passed the Utah House by a single vote today. It is now expected to sail through the Senate and win the governor's signature.

Good for Utah
After weeks of back-room arm-twisting and spirited lobbying on both sides of the issues, supporters managed 38 yes votes to the 37 opposed -- there were no representatives absent.... The pro-voucher Parents for Choice in Education called the vote a victory for Utah children.... Opponents from the state's largest teachers' union said out-of- state money and politics drove the decision more than children's best interests.
Why isn't it in the children's best interests to allow them to be taught at the best school possible. If the public school wants to teach the children, all it has to do is make sure it is the best school.
"This isn't the way I teach my fifth-graders the system works," said Kim Campbell, president of the Utah Education Association.
Maybe you are teaching your fifth-graders incorrectly. I don't know how much Civics is taught in fifth grade, but a bill becomes law if passed by both houses of the legislature, and is signed by the governor.
HB148 will let parents spend public money on private school tuition. Every Utah family, with the exception of current private school students,
I am not sure I understand why they should be left out, but at least the families with children in the public school system will have a way out.
would be eligible for a voucher ranging from $500 to $3,000 depending on family income.
The state appropriates some amount of money per student to teach them in the public school system. It is that amount of money that should be the voucher amount, which they could use in a public school of their choice, a private school, or a religious school. I don't think it should depend on family income. But at least it is good that some parents will be able to afford to take their children out of the public school system.

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