Friday, February 02, 2007

Israel Fans Groan Over Hill Speech

New York Post reported Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton drew grumbles at a pro-Israel dinner in Times Square last night when she encouraged "engaging" with Iran before taking stronger action to keep it nuke-free. Clinton said she wasn't sure "anything positive would come out of it" and she didn't know if it was "the smartest strategy to take,"

But it is what the extreme left wants, and she has to have their support to get the nomination.
but added, "There are a number of factors that I think argue for some attempt to do what I have suggested." She called for a better understanding of how Iran "really functions,"
Their president is a certifyable nut job that wants to destroy Israel and also hurt the US, and the ultimate authority is an a bunch of clerics that kidnapped everyone in the US embassy when they took control during the Carter Administration. What more do you want to know?
warning actions beyond sanctions could increase danger in the region.
But not as much as inaction, once they have nuclear weapons.
"I also want to send a message, if we ever do have to take more drastic action, to the rest of the world that we exhausted all possibilities," said Clinton, who earlier rapped President Bush for refusing to engage Tehran.
And if Israel is a radioactive pile of rubish then, do you think American Jews will still support you?
Clinton's remarks at the Marriott Marquis were met with little applause , and after she left the stage, several people said they were put off by the presidential candidate. "This is the wrong crowd to do that with," said one person at the dinner, noting the pro-Israel crowd wanted to hear tougher rhetoric.
She believes that blacks and Jews will vote Democratic no matter what she does.

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