Monday, January 29, 2007

Young, British Muslims 'getting more radical'

Telegraph reported A bleak picture of a generation of young British Muslims radicalised by anti-Western views and misplaced multicultural policies is shown in a survey published today. The study found disturbing evidence of young Muslims adopting more fundamentalist beliefs on key social and political issues than their parents or grandparents.

What do you expect with the Saudi's sending extreme Wahhabi clerics to preach in the mosques?
Forty per cent of Muslims between the ages of 16 and 24 said they would prefer to live under sharia law in Britain, a legal system based on the teachings of the Koran. The figure among over-55s, in contrast, was only 17 per cent
Did they ask the majority of the country, who are not Muslim?
.... "There is clearly a conflict within British Islam between a moderate majority that accepts the norms of British democracy and a growing minority that does not."
Really? Do you think so? When did you come to that realization?
.... Shahid Malik, the Muslim Labour MP for Dewsbury, said: "This report makes very disturbing reading and it vindicates the concern many of us have that we're not doing enough to confront this issue."
And you better get cracking.
Baroness Uddin, the Muslim peer, said: "Unlike their parents, our young people feel that this is their country and are saying why are we being told we do not belong here
It is your country if you want to behave like Britons. If you want to behave like savages, go to a country where you can live under Sharia law, and see how well you like it then.
..... But he will also challenge elements of the Muslim community for denying women access to work, education, politics and even to mosques.
Tell them that if they accept Christ as their personal saviour, they can come to the churches. There still are a few of those left in Secular Britain, aren't there?

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