Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ice cream vendor beheaded An ice cream vendor was killed and his headless body left sitting on the bicycle seat of his cart in Thailand's rebellious Muslim south today, police said.

Is there anything in the Qur'an that forbids selling ice cream????
The vendor, a 45-year-old Buddhist originally from the country's northeast, was shot three times in the back of his head while riding his cart into a Muslim village in Pattani, one of the three provinces hit by the violence, police said. "They chopped his head off and walked away with it, leaving his body sitting on the ice cream bike's seat," a Pattani policeman said by telephone.
"Under current circumstances, he shouldn't have ventured into such a village," the policeman said.
No, under current circumstances, there should be more police enforcement to protect innocent ice cream salesmen.

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