Saturday, February 03, 2007

Operation Baghdad starts on February 5

Iraq The Model blogged The preparations for Baghdad's security operations and the reactions of politicians, people and militant groups are still taking the most prominent headlines of local news in Iraq. The head of one of the two city councils in Sadr city told AFP that he's ready to cooperate with the Iraqi forces in implementing the security plan. In the statement that appeared on al-Mada Kareem Hassan said "The presence of popular armed committees [Sadr militias] will end automatically when Iraqi forces enter the city because the need for the committees will cease to exist"

If the need for the committees (like the Sadr militia) will cease to exist, will the committees themselves cease to exist, and will they turn their arms into the government, or will they just hide them, and when the Americans leave will they pull them back out and begin killing Sunnis again?

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